Transformers: Product Placement

ImageTransformers, a movie staring Shia LaBeouf  as Sam Witwicky and Megan Fox as Mikaela Barnes, is an action filled film about planet Earth being invaded by Robots. The catch is that these robots called Autobots are disguised as cars but the Decipticons can be any transportation vehicle like an airplane or jet. The Autobots are trying to save the planet and Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox’s characters are fighting against the Decpticons too.

When Sam Witwicky buys his first car, he doesn’t know that it’s actually an alien robot- Bumble Bee. Optimus Prime – an 18 wheeler, and a group of fellow transforming robots have arrived in search of the Allspark- a mystical talisman that would grant unlimited power to whoever possesses it. The only problem is that Optimus Prime and the Autobots aren’t the only aliens to appear. Megatron and the Decepticons are also searching for the Allspark, and they would do anything to get it, even if it means destroying the world.

This movie made a lot of money and had a lot of publicity which is why many companies really tried to get a product advertised in the film. The advertisements in it are very prevalent but yet not as obnoxious as one would think. In my opinion it is more annoying when movies make up names of places to eat, or places that they go to and this movie did just the opposite.

When I was watching this movie there were a lot of product placements that really prevalent and memorable. What is product placement you ask? Well here is a link that will explain.

ImageIn Transformers the number one would definitely be the Chevy Camaro that Shia LaBeouf’s character drove that turned into the transformer-Bumble Bee. I cannot even imagine how much money Chevy paid to get such a large portion of advertising; that car is basically there from the beginning of the movie to the end and there is a frequent flash of the Chevrolet logo.

Another very sneaky product placement that was prevalent in the film was eBay. The characters in the movie would discuss eBay and products on it:

Sam: You can tell your folks. It’s on eBay. I take PayPal.

Barricade: Where is eBay item 21153?

Sam: Well, ’cause the other one was talking about my eBay page.

Those above examples were said periodically throughout the movie, but it was very memorable and went with the story well.

Another advertisement that stuck out was the ad for Burger King. Although the sign was not shown for long, nor was the whole name in frame, Burger King hasImage such distinct colors that it really just popped out at the audience. The sign was basically the whole backdrop making it a big part of the scene and attracting the attention of the viewers.

The last one that I want to mention is Mountain Dew because it had a long product placement in the movie and it was very noticeable. During the shot of the vending machine that said “Mountain Dew” on it the frame went out of focus on the main character to focus Imageon the words written on the vending machine. The only question is, how much did Coke products pay for that?

Now, although there were many more products present in the movie, these are the four that stood out the most. This was my third time watching the movie and when you are looking for products they stand out but when you are enjoying the movie there are only a few that are memorable which is why these are the ones that I chose to discuss.

I challenge you to watch a movie and look for product placements, some of them can be very obnoxious and unnecessary but some blend with the story and add meaningful content.


Unethical Advertisements and Exposure of Women

Women are constantly being subjected in advertisements and being a pro-women rights advocate I do not agree with any of them, in fact I find them to be very disturbing.  I am sure you have seen some of these advertisements and probably turned your head or it caught your attention and made you want to buy the product, either way women should not be seen as sexual objects or house maids anymore. One advertisement that I want to bring to your attention is this one:


Now, who finds this offensive?

 Budweiser, I just want to let you know that you are subjecting women in this advertisement and making them into objects! We are not objects! Got that?Image

 I believe that this advertisement is not only offensive but inappropriate as well. First of all, this is hung up where families walk by, and little kids may begin to associate beer with women or women as objects. If you are a father do you want your little princess to be seen as an object to men?

Well here is a little message for Budweiser and alcohol advertisements in general,


            Women are human beings. They are just as smart, if not smarter than most men. They have feels, a heart, and a brain. They are capable of just as much as men are, but Imageyet are still looked down upon. Why? The answer is simple. They are seen as in superior because of advertisements like this. They are seen as unworthy because of the way that men subject them. Because of you, Budweiser, women are seen as a beer can. Newsflash, women are not a beer can. 

            It still amazes me that market strategies still strive to sell projects by using exposed women laying against a beer can, half naked women trying to sell a clothing item, women being portrayed as unintelligent or being shown as the “maid of the house.” I understand that it is a way to sell products but I find it to be completely inappropriate and unnecessary.

            Not to even mention, Budweiser, but your ads are not just for adult men, young children have access to these images and it could cause them to either feel self conscious about their bodies or make them think that down upon the female gender. That is not a fair assumption and teenagers should not be able to think in such an imposturous way.

            It is important to think of the population as a whole and the message that you are trying to send before you actually create a huge ad. I know that I am not the only one in the country that is frustrated by how over used exposing women’s bodies has been in the past couple of years. It is time to change the way you sell a product because women are not animals and do not deserve to be treated like them.

            Finally, Budweiser, I advise you to really think about these complaints and the ideals that you are sending to younger generations. Girls need to learn at a young age that they are powerful, strong, and confident human-beings; they are not objects for men, maids for men, or basically anything for men, they are their own individual selves!

From, A Powerful Woman concerned about younger generations

If you are offended by an ad, which happens a lot, you should speak up about it because everybody has a voice and they deserve to be heard. If you want the world to change, then you, a citizen of the United States of America can change it!

The Power of Advertisements

ImageThe other weekend I went to a Taylor Swift and Florida Georgia Line concert in New York City because I am a huge country Imagefan and although Taylor Swift is not country anymore (well, in my opinion at least) I still absolutely adore her and will always be a huge fan of the young artist! 

 Being a huge country fanatic I have been to many concerts before and have become very aware of all the things that are advertised. For one, the most important is cowboy hats. Country fans love hats, and it is almost a necessity to wear them when attending a show.

Now, this concert was no different. The first thing I notice as we are standing in front of the garden there are about three different cowboy hat stands that have a wide variety of different types and shapes of hats.

When we get closer to the entrance of the venue there are a few men wearing shirts outside with the Yankees, Giants, Mets, and Knicks logos on them standing behind a booth handing out flyers that had information on sports t-shirts and tickets; they were also asking people to enter a raffle. 

ImageWhen I entered the halls of the venue though I could not believe the amount of signs, t-shirt stands, and Taylor Swift products that surrounded me. I mean of course I have been to six other T. Swift concerts before but this was my first Red Tour concert and it was more extravagant then any others. 

Right when I walked through the doors I was forced to look at all the lovely t-shirts that were designed for this tour, all the programs that were made, guitar picks, blankets, and postcards. Of course all of this was there to distract the younger crowd that came with parents who would buy these over priced products for them. However, I can honestly say that this was very successful- the lines were about twenty minutes long and people did not mind waiting. However, I already own about five different Taylor Swift shirts and I do not need to add to that collection anymore. 

When I finally entered the arena of Madison Square Garden signs were hanging up everywhere. They advertised teams that played there, beer, food, and sports products like Nike and Gatorade. Now, of course this did not have much to do with the concert but I am sure it caught the eye of some boyfriends that took their girlfriends to the concert, and dads that brought their daughters.

It was not until I went to go buy a water and a pretzel until I noticed the tremendous amount of beer signs- Budwiser, Corona Light and Miller Light. The concert sold beer and I noticed as I was standing in line to get food that it definitely attracted the 21 and up crowd, they even had a vodka lounge too where some parents sat. 

ImageAlthough it was a concert for the teenage crowd, the venue did a nice job acknowledging that there would obviously have to be parents and other adults that accompanied their children or wanted to see Florida Georgia Line play attending the concert as well. They did not focus many of their advertisements toward this older crowd though because most of the activities before the concert included henna tattoos in the lobby, taking pictures with a cut out of Taylor Swift, singing karaoke, and making snow cones. 

 When I got to my seat I noticed all the signs hanging up around the stadium, and the commercials being played on the side screens and the jumbotron. People were able to tweet to Taylor and they would show up on screen which was definitely a way to promote the social media site-  Twitter.

Another major thing that I noticed they were advertising were other bands and singers. Every so often after a song was playing an announcer would say that this is a playlist of all of Taylor’s favorite songs. I believe that Taylor promoted these artists and used the fact that all the girls their would buy this music because “Taylor listens to it”.

 The last important thing that was advertised was CoverGirl make-up. Taylor Swift does a lot of sponsoring for them and is in many commercials. There were cover-girl make-up artists their doing girls make-up and handing out free samples. This was by far the best promotion of a product that was at the concert. I was able to come home with 3 different shades of lipstick for free!

The Diary That Changed My Life

ImageGo Ask Alice, a novel listed as fiction even though the cover says that it is by “Anonymous”, is a diary of a young girl that is faced with many difficult obstacles and struggles with drug abuse, sex in a relationship, friendship issues, family issues, and being homeless, and was written by Beatrice Sparks has had a huge impact on my life. Sparks was a therapist and Mormon youth Imagecounselor was known for publishing books that she claimed to be “real diaries” about troubled teenagers. Her other works include: Jay’s Journal, It Happened to Nancy: By an Anonymous Teenager, Almost Lost: The True Story of an Anonymous Teenager’s Life on the Streets, and Annie’s Baby: The Diary of Anonymous, a Pregnant Teenager

Now, of course Sparks writes her stories about problems that not too many young teenagers are particularly struggling with, but they are issues that young adults are faced with and have to learn how to say no. At anytime during the school day in middle school, high school, and college, a child could happen to see a drug deal, hear kids talking about drugs, and it is possible that they see someone snort a line in the bathroom. Now, many people believe that it is easy to say ‘no’ to drugs, but this book explained the side effects of drugs in depth and completely made never want to think twice about “trying” any illegal substance and it definitely made the word ‘no’ very easy to say. Image

 So when you ask, are drugs something that young teens thirteen to fifteen should worry about, the answer is YES. They are the most malleable group of young adults and I am thankful that I was able to read this “diary” when I could.

I grew up in a very sheltered community in a family that pretends that everything is perfect, I am sure some can relate, right? Anyways, this fiction diary made me realize that drugs, sex, and relationships were very serious things. It did not encourage me to behave like the nameless narrator it only inspired me to be a better person. However, it also made me want to some day be able to reach out to troubled teens.

ImageI read this novel for the first time when I was thirteen and do not regret this decision. Despite the harsh depictions and somewhat explicit scenes of this non fiction piece of one of Sparks clients lives twisted around to make it more interesting, it was overall an eye opening novel.

This book was handed down to me by sister, who has coutinuely been a wonderful role model dispite all the ups and downs in her life and wrong turns that she took. I am glad that I was given the opportunity to live vicurously through the narrators life and really understand how drug abusers feel.

After reading this novel, it opened the door to my addiction to books all about struggling teens. Within the next years of my life I read books like Crank, Glass, Burned, Impulse, and Identical. These books are not written by the same author but are about young boys or young girls that find themselves in difficult postions with powerfulImage drugs, suicidal thoughts or parents that abuse them physically or sexually.

 Most of these books may not sound appealing to some and to others it may seem that at the age of thirteen, fourteen and fifteen I should not have been allowed to indulge in such content, but to be honest these books are the reasons I know so much about drugs and the side effects; they are the reason I choose to be drug free. Now, I understand that many can argue that these books may encourage some to do drugs, but when the author allows you to be so connected to the main character, all you want is for them to keep trying to get help and you are routing for them to have a positive outcome. 

I recommend novels by Sparks, and fiction or non-fiction novels about drug abusers, self-harmmers, and teenagers that are going through a rough life. If you are a teenager it could help you see the outcomes of terrible decisions, if you are a parent it will help you open your eyes and look out for your children, and if you happen to be a young adult going through a difficult situation like characters in this book it could give you the courage to seek help

What’s Going on in Hollywood?

Now, who doesn’t want to know about what is going on in the “famous world”. Everyone is naturally noisy and curious, and girls love to know about fashion mishaps, red carpet beauties, and everyday style of movie stars, and rock stars.

Here are three blogs that I try to check as much as possible:

Being a huge stalker, these blogs are a must because they update me on different aspects of my favorite celebrities lives.


First I will tell you about my favorite blog site. Perez Hilton is known for his comical approach of drawing on pictures, and he uses simple language and short posts to keep a readers attentionso they are able to read all the news for that day quickly and efficiently while getting all the facts! (Would Perez lie!?) The only time I may possible disagree is when he sticks up for Miley Cyrus . However, I do love when Perez gives his opinions on hot guys and basically drools over them just like me- Zac Efron and Channing Tatum are his favorites (mine too!!). The audience is definitely meant for younger adults and teens who are very into celebrites and their lives. The way layout is not something that an older audience would appreciate and the content is a bit disturbing sometimes for parents taste.

The website- I’m Not Obsessed is more user friendly for people that are not “tech-savy”. There are more tabs that can be explored and the stories scroll across the top of the page, just like ImageYahoo! front page.  However, the stories are still not that descriptive but they do include links to other sites which is something that really sticks out in my mind and that I love about this site. I would still say that the main audience is young adults/older teenagers. With that said though, I believe that celebrity gossip appeals more to girls/women ages 16-28. The one thing I do not like about this website is the focus on reality stars like Kim Kardashian

The last blog that I like to check is called Huffington Post. This blog does not focus on just celebrities but the stories that are about famous stars are detailed. I enjoy reading a longer Imagestory and learning all about a certain situation then only knowing tiny pieces of a story and then inferring the rest. They include a variety of stories, this being one of my favorites that I have seen lately. I don’t have an complaints about this blog, only that it seems like a news website more than a blog site. However the way it is laid out makes it seem more blog-ish.

Now after explaining all the blogs that I love to read, I obviously would choose checking out Perez Hilton before I went to the other sites to get my Celebrity News Dose for the day. All of the bloggers are amazing writers that engage the audience and I aspire to be able to connect on the level that they do with their audience.

After this semester, and I complete my first Mass Communications course I will no longer be posting blogs on this site. With that said, I already have another blog that I try to keep up with so I can work on my writing skills and connecting with the audience. Although it is not about celebrity news (mostly just because I don’t have the resources to get the details quickly), it focuses on music videos (one of my passions in life) and critiquing them.

I try to target teenagers that enjoy listening to all different types of music and hearing about new artists in the industry. I do not promote a specific genre, in fact it includes a wide variety including throwbacks from the 80’s and 90’s.

Remember to check out the celebrity blogs, and my other music video blog as well

The Rough Draft of the Future

Are you ready to take a little ride into the future? If so, jump on in, you are in for an adventure.

Flying cars, floating houses, robot maids, holographic image phone calls, and solar powered heat, electricity in every household, business and school; sounds like the perfect world, right? Well, with the way technology is advancing, by 2035 this utopian is realistic, and the world has a chance of becoming a better place.

Right now we are passing through the main entrance. Image

As we continue flying through the clouds you will notice buildings; these buildings are energy efficient which makes our planet healthier and cleaner. ImageYou will be able to see a diagram of how the building is set up and all the amazing amenities it has to help keep our planet green.Image Right now, in 2035, our world is running smoothly. The economy is up, the United States is out of debt and the world is basically at peace with one another. It’s hard to even remember what it was like in 2013.


Below us you can see the robots that each family has. These robots are not yet perfected, but they are able to do basic chores, warn a family of emergency, and they have a computer system built in so you can ask them any question you want and expect a detailed answer. So cool, right? 


As we continue to fly over the ocean you will notice floating houses. These also arecontrolled by solar energy and are similar to boats, but much more comfortable and stable. Another difference is that the floating house is unable to move faster than 40 miles per hour for safety concerns.

Now, I am sure you are wondering about careers and school. Children are still required to go to school, men and women still have jobs, but they have changed in the past 22 years. Right now, men’s jobs are focused on building the robots, managing the computer systems inside each machine, giving them a name, and packaging them. There are still architeques, business men and women, bar tenders, waiters and the list goes on. The world is still perfect though, because without jobs, the world would not be able to circulate money and we would end up in a recession again.


Now let’s travel back to 2013. Take a look around. Look at all the positive outcomes from this generation. Although it is predicted that the world will be a beautiful place in the future, there is a chance that it could turn into a disaster.

Right now, engineers, scientists, and inventors are not thinking about the how great they could make the future, they are concerned about making money and giving costumers brand new equipment. They need to start thinking about the future or the world could end up being a terrible place to live.

Hop back in the vehicle; let me show you the dystopian world of 2035.

ImageLook at how dark and gloomy it is. The place looks like it has been destroyed. The government has taken over. They got rid of the Internet despite the laws that say that Internet should be fair game for anyone that has access. The president said that we were learning too much, and we needed to be stop. He became a tyrant. When we rebelled, he had guards come to the scene and arrest as many Imagepeople as they could. We are no longer allowed to be caught using smart phones, laptops, email, text messaging, sometimes even writing letters is prohibited.

The best thing that I compare this world to is the Hunger Games. You know the Hunger Games, right? Well minus the kids battling each other every year, our world is similar to theirs. 

Everybody basically looks and acts the same because we are constantly being watched by the government. There are cameras everywhere and secret agents too.

The future is scary, isn’t it? It is horrifying to think that our world can easily become these two different extremes.


Now back to the present.

Given these two extremes, what do you think is more likely going to happen?

Well I am a positive thinker, and I like say that I am also realistic as well. As much as I love to write about fiction, my guess is that the future will be very different then what we are used to now, but in a better way.

Technologies will definitely increase and expand. Focusing on the field of mass communications like journalism, advertising, film, radio and television, I would say the way we receive information is going to change drastically- it already is.

As of right now, my realistic prediction for what my life is going to be like in the year 2035 is sitting in an energy saving home, reading the new york times off of my flex-pad– a combination of flexible material and an iPad. The news article is talking about the election that is occurring and the main debate is over testing solar power airplanes and allowing passengers inside. The last war that occurred was the Iraq war, and my children do not know how to write letters, only type.

ImageIt is crazy to think about, that now in 2035, so much has changed. We have saved so much paper, decreased pollution and hopefully will decrease much more in about 5 years when it will officially be required to have an electric car or a hydrogen powered car.

The future begins now. It begins with thinking about the way that the world is  changing, the requirements that the world needs to survive, and the necessary actions that we need to take in order to make this world beautiful. 



The Beloved Mouse

The other day in my Mass Communication class we watched a movie about the power and influence that Disney has on children. In the video you will read about 10 ways Disney corrupts little kids.

Do you agree?

ImageNow, I am in love with Disney and all that it means. To me, Disney means family, love, magic, being young, and believing. It means to dream big, be worry-free, laugh, and to not be afraid. Sure, Disney is a huge corporation and has expanded throughout the years, but that was Walt Disney’s dream. His dream started with a picture of a mouse and now that mouse still lives on and in fact is more famous than any other icon in the world. Everyone around the world has heard of Mickey Mouse and has been exposed to the beauty that it brings to people’s heart.

However, I do understand how some psychologists and doctors can find the bad things about Disney and criticize them for it. Being older now, I can see all the negative aspects that Disney throws into their movies. I understand where concerned parents are coming from when they say that Disney teaches their kids to be racist, or think they aren’t beautiful, but when you are a kid, you barely realize that. I never would have thought about these subliminal messages without hearing others discuss the issue.


Disney is more than the movies, and that’s what people need to understand. They have a successful business that just keeps expanding. If people really thought that the movies send messages to children then the sales of productswould decrease. However, that is not the case and Disney is still making more wonderful movies and in my opinion try to stay away from stereotypes. For example the new movie: Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess. In the article it explains how the Latina princess does not “look” Latina, but some Latina’s say that they are light skin and are glad that the princess isn’t the stereotypical Latina girl.

With that said, I am a very respectful individual that may seem naïve to some people since I do not want to criticize Disney. However, it is difficult to criticize something that is bigger than we estimate. If you want to criticize Disney, make sure you criticize all shows and movies that children are exposed too- because if you do you will realize that those have “subliminal messages” in them too.

It’s not fair to target one company who offers so much more then entertainment for kids. Disney opens its heart to kids and makes it a safe home for them. To be completely honest right now, the only thing that I took out of Disney Princess movies is that True


Love exists.It taught me that there is a man out there for me, and when I find him it will be a wonderful feeling. Never once did I expect that my “true love” would actually be a prince, never once did I compare my body to princesses, and never once did I make the connection that Disney threw in racist messages.



Go ahead, continue to see the faults that Disney supposedly has, but never once should you loose faith in the magic that it brings, especially to young hearts.


Living Without Technology

The past day has felt impossible to get through; I attempted to go a day without media! (*insert terror screams here*). It was a horrible, terrifying, and overall an isolated day.


Without my phone at hand, my Facebook deactivated, and my Twitter password changed, I made it really difficult to stay connected to friends. I picked up lunch anddinner by myself, but on the way I involuntarily was exposed to advertisements for school events and functions. Also, I bumped into a few friends who started to overwhelm me with information and gossip that they saw on Twitter (you know, all the important things in life).


Once I got back to my dorm to eat my lunch, my roommate was in the room watching television- “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit” to be specific. Also, during my Production class we watched short clips from different films, read from our textbook, and even went on YouTube. (I mean that’s not really surprising- it’s a production class so it revolves around making and watching films in order to learn.)


I cannot begin to explain to you how difficult it was to start my day without a cell phone; however, by nighttime I completely forgot about it and actually liked the fact that I did hero_frontnot have to constantly respond to text messages. By not be contacted I was able to have a productive day and also have an excuse to have a relax by-myself. The really difficult part was not posting in my other blog-, staying off Pinterest-, and not listening to Pandora, but for one day I did not log on once to any of them (snaps for Paige)!


During my productive day I crafted- a lot, cleaned my room (way overdue), wrote two film treatments, and attended a mandatory University Residence Government meeting. Without any distractions from my phone vibrating every other minute, procrastinating by going on Facebook or Twitter- I accomplished so many things that I have been putting off!



Now, you may be reading this and wondering what the big deal is, but trust me, our generation takes advantage of media way too much! It is such a huge part of our life but we just have stopped realizing that because everything has just become so natural.


Here is an article about how much social media influences everyone and how necessary it is for companies to use it:



I dare you to just try to go a day without your cell phone. Trust me, it is hard.  Plus, on top of it I did not use any social networking sites!  If you are up for a challenge, this is one that many younger adults would not be able to go through with and it is interesting to see how much media you are exposed to by just walking down the street, going to work, or just going to class.

  Good luck to all who attempt the challenge!

What Happens In Vegas Stays On Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Media are all around us. Whether you are driving to work listening to the radio and 65ab17691e938e5c86f51ae3b67d5f07passing billboards or at home relaxing and watching “How I Met Your Mother”.

You use it more than you think in everyday activities- Facebook, Twitter, blogging, listening to Pandora or the radio, reading Yahoo! News, Instagram,watching TV and so much more!

If you were born after 1991 you have grown up around technology and watched it expand. You had one giant Dell or Macintosh computer in the livingtumblr_mdrzxtU8pl1qktgu7o1_250 that used dial up Internet. Some of your first phones were landline phones with a separate number than your parents. You were not cool unless you had an Instant Messaging account and left away messages that said “bbl”.

Now, everything is different- but at the same time it’s similar. Instead of landline phones, kids get cell phones. Households have more than one “computer” because kids have laptops now or even iPads. Instead of instant messaging, kids use Facebook chat- even kids that are twelve or thirteen years old have a Facebook (which is shocking to be because I didn’t get mine until I was in high school).

Our world revolves around staying connected which involves using many media sources.

Growing up in this technology age, being on the computer, using my phone or listening to my music, is something that has just become so natural. These are things that people cannot even go a day without. I never realized until I had to keep a log for this blog assignment, but there was not a second of my day where media was not being used. My professors even use it everyday to teach my class!

We are so used to being connected, and getting responses quickly that when a teenager looses or breaks their phone they immediately need to go get a new one or put their number on an old phone right away!

The importance of staying connected gradually increases everyday. Take a look at this video; some of these facts will surprise you:

Think about how much media you consume a day? Make a list.

There has to be at least ten things on that list, right?

In the past 2 days I have:


Tweeted 15 times.

Posted comments in 4 different groups that I am part of on Facebook, commented on 7 photos, and wrote on 5 people’s wall!



Been on Pinterest (I am addicted!) If you do not have a Pinterest, Ireally recommend it! ( It is such a wonderful creation! However it will make you want to plan your whole wedding (even though you’re not even engaged), want to buy millions of dollars worths in clothing as well as make endless crafts!  (Oh! the struggles these days…)


While I was on Twitter and Facebook I was listening to my Easton Corbin Pandora Station. Of course, I was also forced to listen to a lot of advertisements (Oh how I despise those commercials!) If you like country music and have a Pandora account you MUST add Easton Corbin’s station to your station list!


Now, I have definitely been exposed to so many more forms of media like television, YouTube, Tumblr, and Instagram…the list is never ending. It seems like no matter what, there is no escaping media!


While logging my two days of media usage I have come to the conclusion that media are now mostly used to document our everyday lives. I have be careful about what pictures I uploaded to Facebook, be aware of what I tweet on Twitter and understand that all these posts can come back to haunt me when applying for a job.

The saying used to go, “What happens at Vegas, stays in Vegas” but now it’s “What happens in Vegas, stays on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram”.

Something Wonderful:

Hello, my name is Paige and I am a sophomore at Towson University. I have created this blog for my Mass Communications class (so of course this blog will focus on media). I will have blog assignments that I post here and are graded- HOW COOL?! I am so excited to officially start this blog, even though this post is specifically just for myself- and of course you all. I want you to get to know me and let you know what “Something Wonderful” means to me! Enjoy my blog, I hope it truly is something wonderful.


The world is a beautiful place, but I am sure most of you already knew that. However, if you are sitting there and wondering what’s beautiful in the world right now, forget about the bad day you are having, or the terrible week you are experiencing; focus on the people in the world that love and care for you. Remember, there is so much to look forward too in this world, and so many ways to keep yourself occupied.


Our world is so wonderful. Once you find where you belong, have a passion, follow your dreams and learn to take risks- that’s when you are fully experiencing the freedom that our country offers us. That is when you finally open your door to see the stars, moon and sun for the first time! It is an amazing sight, a remarkable sound, and most importunely a pleasurable feel.

It is important to live for yourself, take in the memories and frame them. When you don’t give it your all you will be upset. Do everything to the best of your ability and do not give up. Take pictures, because pictures last. They help you remember where you were, and show you how far you have gone to become the person you are today- and my wish is that you have become a better person!



Be vintage, be unique, be you, because the is the best you can be!

I hope you enjoy my blog, “Something Wonderful”: a blog about media.