Living Without Technology

The past day has felt impossible to get through; I attempted to go a day without media! (*insert terror screams here*). It was a horrible, terrifying, and overall an isolated day.


Without my phone at hand, my Facebook deactivated, and my Twitter password changed, I made it really difficult to stay connected to friends. I picked up lunch anddinner by myself, but on the way I involuntarily was exposed to advertisements for school events and functions. Also, I bumped into a few friends who started to overwhelm me with information and gossip that they saw on Twitter (you know, all the important things in life).


Once I got back to my dorm to eat my lunch, my roommate was in the room watching television- “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit” to be specific. Also, during my Production class we watched short clips from different films, read from our textbook, and even went on YouTube. (I mean that’s not really surprising- it’s a production class so it revolves around making and watching films in order to learn.)


I cannot begin to explain to you how difficult it was to start my day without a cell phone; however, by nighttime I completely forgot about it and actually liked the fact that I did hero_frontnot have to constantly respond to text messages. By not be contacted I was able to have a productive day and also have an excuse to have a relax by-myself. The really difficult part was not posting in my other blog-, staying off Pinterest-, and not listening to Pandora, but for one day I did not log on once to any of them (snaps for Paige)!


During my productive day I crafted- a lot, cleaned my room (way overdue), wrote two film treatments, and attended a mandatory University Residence Government meeting. Without any distractions from my phone vibrating every other minute, procrastinating by going on Facebook or Twitter- I accomplished so many things that I have been putting off!



Now, you may be reading this and wondering what the big deal is, but trust me, our generation takes advantage of media way too much! It is such a huge part of our life but we just have stopped realizing that because everything has just become so natural.


Here is an article about how much social media influences everyone and how necessary it is for companies to use it:



I dare you to just try to go a day without your cell phone. Trust me, it is hard.  Plus, on top of it I did not use any social networking sites!  If you are up for a challenge, this is one that many younger adults would not be able to go through with and it is interesting to see how much media you are exposed to by just walking down the street, going to work, or just going to class.

  Good luck to all who attempt the challenge!


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