What Happens In Vegas Stays On Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Media are all around us. Whether you are driving to work listening to the radio and 65ab17691e938e5c86f51ae3b67d5f07passing billboards or at home relaxing and watching “How I Met Your Mother”.

You use it more than you think in everyday activities- Facebook, Twitter, blogging, listening to Pandora or the radio, reading Yahoo! News, Instagram,watching TV and so much more!

If you were born after 1991 you have grown up around technology and watched it expand. You had one giant Dell or Macintosh computer in the livingtumblr_mdrzxtU8pl1qktgu7o1_250 that used dial up Internet. Some of your first phones were landline phones with a separate number than your parents. You were not cool unless you had an Instant Messaging account and left away messages that said “bbl”.

Now, everything is different- but at the same time it’s similar. Instead of landline phones, kids get cell phones. Households have more than one “computer” because kids have laptops now or even iPads. Instead of instant messaging, kids use Facebook chat- even kids that are twelve or thirteen years old have a Facebook (which is shocking to be because I didn’t get mine until I was in high school).

Our world revolves around staying connected which involves using many media sources.

Growing up in this technology age, being on the computer, using my phone or listening to my music, is something that has just become so natural. These are things that people cannot even go a day without. I never realized until I had to keep a log for this blog assignment, but there was not a second of my day where media was not being used. My professors even use it everyday to teach my class!

We are so used to being connected, and getting responses quickly that when a teenager looses or breaks their phone they immediately need to go get a new one or put their number on an old phone right away!

The importance of staying connected gradually increases everyday. Take a look at this video; some of these facts will surprise you:


Think about how much media you consume a day? Make a list.

There has to be at least ten things on that list, right?

In the past 2 days I have:


Tweeted 15 times.

Posted comments in 4 different groups that I am part of on Facebook, commented on 7 photos, and wrote on 5 people’s wall!



Been on Pinterest (I am addicted!) If you do not have a Pinterest, Ireally recommend it! (www.pinterest.com) It is such a wonderful creation! However it will make you want to plan your whole wedding (even though you’re not even engaged), want to buy millions of dollars worths in clothing as well as make endless crafts!  (Oh! the struggles these days…)


While I was on Twitter and Facebook I was listening to my Easton Corbin Pandora Station. Of course, I was also forced to listen to a lot of advertisements (Oh how I despise those commercials!) If you like country music and have a Pandora account you MUST add Easton Corbin’s station to your station list!


Now, I have definitely been exposed to so many more forms of media like television, YouTube, Tumblr, and Instagram…the list is never ending. It seems like no matter what, there is no escaping media!


While logging my two days of media usage I have come to the conclusion that media are now mostly used to document our everyday lives. I have be careful about what pictures I uploaded to Facebook, be aware of what I tweet on Twitter and understand that all these posts can come back to haunt me when applying for a job.

The saying used to go, “What happens at Vegas, stays in Vegas” but now it’s “What happens in Vegas, stays on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram”.


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