The Beloved Mouse

The other day in my Mass Communication class we watched a movie about the power and influence that Disney has on children. In the video you will read about 10 ways Disney corrupts little kids.

Do you agree?

ImageNow, I am in love with Disney and all that it means. To me, Disney means family, love, magic, being young, and believing. It means to dream big, be worry-free, laugh, and to not be afraid. Sure, Disney is a huge corporation and has expanded throughout the years, but that was Walt Disney’s dream. His dream started with a picture of a mouse and now that mouse still lives on and in fact is more famous than any other icon in the world. Everyone around the world has heard of Mickey Mouse and has been exposed to the beauty that it brings to people’s heart.

However, I do understand how some psychologists and doctors can find the bad things about Disney and criticize them for it. Being older now, I can see all the negative aspects that Disney throws into their movies. I understand where concerned parents are coming from when they say that Disney teaches their kids to be racist, or think they aren’t beautiful, but when you are a kid, you barely realize that. I never would have thought about these subliminal messages without hearing others discuss the issue.


Disney is more than the movies, and that’s what people need to understand. They have a successful business that just keeps expanding. If people really thought that the movies send messages to children then the sales of productswould decrease. However, that is not the case and Disney is still making more wonderful movies and in my opinion try to stay away from stereotypes. For example the new movie: Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess. In the article it explains how the Latina princess does not “look” Latina, but some Latina’s say that they are light skin and are glad that the princess isn’t the stereotypical Latina girl.

With that said, I am a very respectful individual that may seem naïve to some people since I do not want to criticize Disney. However, it is difficult to criticize something that is bigger than we estimate. If you want to criticize Disney, make sure you criticize all shows and movies that children are exposed too- because if you do you will realize that those have “subliminal messages” in them too.

It’s not fair to target one company who offers so much more then entertainment for kids. Disney opens its heart to kids and makes it a safe home for them. To be completely honest right now, the only thing that I took out of Disney Princess movies is that True


Love exists.It taught me that there is a man out there for me, and when I find him it will be a wonderful feeling. Never once did I expect that my “true love” would actually be a prince, never once did I compare my body to princesses, and never once did I make the connection that Disney threw in racist messages.



Go ahead, continue to see the faults that Disney supposedly has, but never once should you loose faith in the magic that it brings, especially to young hearts.



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