The Rough Draft of the Future

Are you ready to take a little ride into the future? If so, jump on in, you are in for an adventure.

Flying cars, floating houses, robot maids, holographic image phone calls, and solar powered heat, electricity in every household, business and school; sounds like the perfect world, right? Well, with the way technology is advancing, by 2035 this utopian is realistic, and the world has a chance of becoming a better place.

Right now we are passing through the main entrance. Image

As we continue flying through the clouds you will notice buildings; these buildings are energy efficient which makes our planet healthier and cleaner. ImageYou will be able to see a diagram of how the building is set up and all the amazing amenities it has to help keep our planet green.Image Right now, in 2035, our world is running smoothly. The economy is up, the United States is out of debt and the world is basically at peace with one another. It’s hard to even remember what it was like in 2013.


Below us you can see the robots that each family has. These robots are not yet perfected, but they are able to do basic chores, warn a family of emergency, and they have a computer system built in so you can ask them any question you want and expect a detailed answer. So cool, right? 


As we continue to fly over the ocean you will notice floating houses. These also arecontrolled by solar energy and are similar to boats, but much more comfortable and stable. Another difference is that the floating house is unable to move faster than 40 miles per hour for safety concerns.

Now, I am sure you are wondering about careers and school. Children are still required to go to school, men and women still have jobs, but they have changed in the past 22 years. Right now, men’s jobs are focused on building the robots, managing the computer systems inside each machine, giving them a name, and packaging them. There are still architeques, business men and women, bar tenders, waiters and the list goes on. The world is still perfect though, because without jobs, the world would not be able to circulate money and we would end up in a recession again.


Now let’s travel back to 2013. Take a look around. Look at all the positive outcomes from this generation. Although it is predicted that the world will be a beautiful place in the future, there is a chance that it could turn into a disaster.

Right now, engineers, scientists, and inventors are not thinking about the how great they could make the future, they are concerned about making money and giving costumers brand new equipment. They need to start thinking about the future or the world could end up being a terrible place to live.

Hop back in the vehicle; let me show you the dystopian world of 2035.

ImageLook at how dark and gloomy it is. The place looks like it has been destroyed. The government has taken over. They got rid of the Internet despite the laws that say that Internet should be fair game for anyone that has access. The president said that we were learning too much, and we needed to be stop. He became a tyrant. When we rebelled, he had guards come to the scene and arrest as many Imagepeople as they could. We are no longer allowed to be caught using smart phones, laptops, email, text messaging, sometimes even writing letters is prohibited.

The best thing that I compare this world to is the Hunger Games. You know the Hunger Games, right? Well minus the kids battling each other every year, our world is similar to theirs. 

Everybody basically looks and acts the same because we are constantly being watched by the government. There are cameras everywhere and secret agents too.

The future is scary, isn’t it? It is horrifying to think that our world can easily become these two different extremes.


Now back to the present.

Given these two extremes, what do you think is more likely going to happen?

Well I am a positive thinker, and I like say that I am also realistic as well. As much as I love to write about fiction, my guess is that the future will be very different then what we are used to now, but in a better way.

Technologies will definitely increase and expand. Focusing on the field of mass communications like journalism, advertising, film, radio and television, I would say the way we receive information is going to change drastically- it already is.

As of right now, my realistic prediction for what my life is going to be like in the year 2035 is sitting in an energy saving home, reading the new york times off of my flex-pad– a combination of flexible material and an iPad. The news article is talking about the election that is occurring and the main debate is over testing solar power airplanes and allowing passengers inside. The last war that occurred was the Iraq war, and my children do not know how to write letters, only type.

ImageIt is crazy to think about, that now in 2035, so much has changed. We have saved so much paper, decreased pollution and hopefully will decrease much more in about 5 years when it will officially be required to have an electric car or a hydrogen powered car.

The future begins now. It begins with thinking about the way that the world is  changing, the requirements that the world needs to survive, and the necessary actions that we need to take in order to make this world beautiful. 




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