What’s Going on in Hollywood?

Now, who doesn’t want to know about what is going on in the “famous world”. Everyone is naturally noisy and curious, and girls love to know about fashion mishaps, red carpet beauties, and everyday style of movie stars, and rock stars.

Here are three blogs that I try to check as much as possible:

Being a huge stalker, these blogs are a must because they update me on different aspects of my favorite celebrities lives.


First I will tell you about my favorite blog site. Perez Hilton is known for his comical approach of drawing on pictures, and he uses simple language and short posts to keep a readers attentionso they are able to read all the news for that day quickly and efficiently while getting all the facts! (Would Perez lie!?) The only time I may possible disagree is when he sticks up for Miley Cyrus . However, I do love when Perez gives his opinions on hot guys and basically drools over them just like me- Zac Efron and Channing Tatum are his favorites (mine too!!). The audience is definitely meant for younger adults and teens who are very into celebrites and their lives. The way layout is not something that an older audience would appreciate and the content is a bit disturbing sometimes for parents taste.

The website- I’m Not Obsessed is more user friendly for people that are not “tech-savy”. There are more tabs that can be explored and the stories scroll across the top of the page, just like ImageYahoo! front page.  However, the stories are still not that descriptive but they do include links to other sites which is something that really sticks out in my mind and that I love about this site. I would still say that the main audience is young adults/older teenagers. With that said though, I believe that celebrity gossip appeals more to girls/women ages 16-28. The one thing I do not like about this website is the focus on reality stars like Kim Kardashian

The last blog that I like to check is called Huffington Post. This blog does not focus on just celebrities but the stories that are about famous stars are detailed. I enjoy reading a longer Imagestory and learning all about a certain situation then only knowing tiny pieces of a story and then inferring the rest. They include a variety of stories, this being one of my favorites that I have seen lately. I don’t have an complaints about this blog, only that it seems like a news website more than a blog site. However the way it is laid out makes it seem more blog-ish.

Now after explaining all the blogs that I love to read, I obviously would choose checking out Perez Hilton before I went to the other sites to get my Celebrity News Dose for the day. All of the bloggers are amazing writers that engage the audience and I aspire to be able to connect on the level that they do with their audience.

After this semester, and I complete my first Mass Communications course I will no longer be posting blogs on this site. With that said, I already have another blog that I try to keep up with so I can work on my writing skills and connecting with the audience. Although it is not about celebrity news (mostly just because I don’t have the resources to get the details quickly), it focuses on music videos (one of my passions in life) and critiquing them.

I try to target teenagers that enjoy listening to all different types of music and hearing about new artists in the industry. I do not promote a specific genre, in fact it includes a wide variety including throwbacks from the 80’s and 90’s.

Remember to check out the celebrity blogs, and my other music video blog as well


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