The Power of Advertisements

ImageThe other weekend I went to a Taylor Swift and Florida Georgia Line concert in New York City because I am a huge country Imagefan and although Taylor Swift is not country anymore (well, in my opinion at least) I still absolutely adore her and will always be a huge fan of the young artist! 

 Being a huge country fanatic I have been to many concerts before and have become very aware of all the things that are advertised. For one, the most important is cowboy hats. Country fans love hats, and it is almost a necessity to wear them when attending a show.

Now, this concert was no different. The first thing I notice as we are standing in front of the garden there are about three different cowboy hat stands that have a wide variety of different types and shapes of hats.

When we get closer to the entrance of the venue there are a few men wearing shirts outside with the Yankees, Giants, Mets, and Knicks logos on them standing behind a booth handing out flyers that had information on sports t-shirts and tickets; they were also asking people to enter a raffle. 

ImageWhen I entered the halls of the venue though I could not believe the amount of signs, t-shirt stands, and Taylor Swift products that surrounded me. I mean of course I have been to six other T. Swift concerts before but this was my first Red Tour concert and it was more extravagant then any others. 

Right when I walked through the doors I was forced to look at all the lovely t-shirts that were designed for this tour, all the programs that were made, guitar picks, blankets, and postcards. Of course all of this was there to distract the younger crowd that came with parents who would buy these over priced products for them. However, I can honestly say that this was very successful- the lines were about twenty minutes long and people did not mind waiting. However, I already own about five different Taylor Swift shirts and I do not need to add to that collection anymore. 

When I finally entered the arena of Madison Square Garden signs were hanging up everywhere. They advertised teams that played there, beer, food, and sports products like Nike and Gatorade. Now, of course this did not have much to do with the concert but I am sure it caught the eye of some boyfriends that took their girlfriends to the concert, and dads that brought their daughters.

It was not until I went to go buy a water and a pretzel until I noticed the tremendous amount of beer signs- Budwiser, Corona Light and Miller Light. The concert sold beer and I noticed as I was standing in line to get food that it definitely attracted the 21 and up crowd, they even had a vodka lounge too where some parents sat. 

ImageAlthough it was a concert for the teenage crowd, the venue did a nice job acknowledging that there would obviously have to be parents and other adults that accompanied their children or wanted to see Florida Georgia Line play attending the concert as well. They did not focus many of their advertisements toward this older crowd though because most of the activities before the concert included henna tattoos in the lobby, taking pictures with a cut out of Taylor Swift, singing karaoke, and making snow cones. 

 When I got to my seat I noticed all the signs hanging up around the stadium, and the commercials being played on the side screens and the jumbotron. People were able to tweet to Taylor and they would show up on screen which was definitely a way to promote the social media site-  Twitter.

Another major thing that I noticed they were advertising were other bands and singers. Every so often after a song was playing an announcer would say that this is a playlist of all of Taylor’s favorite songs. I believe that Taylor promoted these artists and used the fact that all the girls their would buy this music because “Taylor listens to it”.

 The last important thing that was advertised was CoverGirl make-up. Taylor Swift does a lot of sponsoring for them and is in many commercials. There were cover-girl make-up artists their doing girls make-up and handing out free samples. This was by far the best promotion of a product that was at the concert. I was able to come home with 3 different shades of lipstick for free!


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