Unethical Advertisements and Exposure of Women

Women are constantly being subjected in advertisements and being a pro-women rights advocate I do not agree with any of them, in fact I find them to be very disturbing.  I am sure you have seen some of these advertisements and probably turned your head or it caught your attention and made you want to buy the product, either way women should not be seen as sexual objects or house maids anymore. One advertisement that I want to bring to your attention is this one:


Now, who finds this offensive?

 Budweiser, I just want to let you know that you are subjecting women in this advertisement and making them into objects! We are not objects! Got that?Image

 I believe that this advertisement is not only offensive but inappropriate as well. First of all, this is hung up where families walk by, and little kids may begin to associate beer with women or women as objects. If you are a father do you want your little princess to be seen as an object to men?

Well here is a little message for Budweiser and alcohol advertisements in general,


            Women are human beings. They are just as smart, if not smarter than most men. They have feels, a heart, and a brain. They are capable of just as much as men are, but Imageyet are still looked down upon. Why? The answer is simple. They are seen as in superior because of advertisements like this. They are seen as unworthy because of the way that men subject them. Because of you, Budweiser, women are seen as a beer can. Newsflash, women are not a beer can. 

            It still amazes me that market strategies still strive to sell projects by using exposed women laying against a beer can, half naked women trying to sell a clothing item, women being portrayed as unintelligent or being shown as the “maid of the house.” I understand that it is a way to sell products but I find it to be completely inappropriate and unnecessary.

            Not to even mention, Budweiser, but your ads are not just for adult men, young children have access to these images and it could cause them to either feel self conscious about their bodies or make them think that down upon the female gender. That is not a fair assumption and teenagers should not be able to think in such an imposturous way.

            It is important to think of the population as a whole and the message that you are trying to send before you actually create a huge ad. I know that I am not the only one in the country that is frustrated by how over used exposing women’s bodies has been in the past couple of years. It is time to change the way you sell a product because women are not animals and do not deserve to be treated like them.

            Finally, Budweiser, I advise you to really think about these complaints and the ideals that you are sending to younger generations. Girls need to learn at a young age that they are powerful, strong, and confident human-beings; they are not objects for men, maids for men, or basically anything for men, they are their own individual selves!

From, A Powerful Woman concerned about younger generations

If you are offended by an ad, which happens a lot, you should speak up about it because everybody has a voice and they deserve to be heard. If you want the world to change, then you, a citizen of the United States of America can change it!


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