Transformers: Product Placement

ImageTransformers, a movie staring Shia LaBeouf  as Sam Witwicky and Megan Fox as Mikaela Barnes, is an action filled film about planet Earth being invaded by Robots. The catch is that these robots called Autobots are disguised as cars but the Decipticons can be any transportation vehicle like an airplane or jet. The Autobots are trying to save the planet and Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox’s characters are fighting against the Decpticons too.

When Sam Witwicky buys his first car, he doesn’t know that it’s actually an alien robot- Bumble Bee. Optimus Prime – an 18 wheeler, and a group of fellow transforming robots have arrived in search of the Allspark- a mystical talisman that would grant unlimited power to whoever possesses it. The only problem is that Optimus Prime and the Autobots aren’t the only aliens to appear. Megatron and the Decepticons are also searching for the Allspark, and they would do anything to get it, even if it means destroying the world.

This movie made a lot of money and had a lot of publicity which is why many companies really tried to get a product advertised in the film. The advertisements in it are very prevalent but yet not as obnoxious as one would think. In my opinion it is more annoying when movies make up names of places to eat, or places that they go to and this movie did just the opposite.

When I was watching this movie there were a lot of product placements that really prevalent and memorable. What is product placement you ask? Well here is a link that will explain.

ImageIn Transformers the number one would definitely be the Chevy Camaro that Shia LaBeouf’s character drove that turned into the transformer-Bumble Bee. I cannot even imagine how much money Chevy paid to get such a large portion of advertising; that car is basically there from the beginning of the movie to the end and there is a frequent flash of the Chevrolet logo.

Another very sneaky product placement that was prevalent in the film was eBay. The characters in the movie would discuss eBay and products on it:

Sam: You can tell your folks. It’s on eBay. I take PayPal.

Barricade: Where is eBay item 21153?

Sam: Well, ’cause the other one was talking about my eBay page.

Those above examples were said periodically throughout the movie, but it was very memorable and went with the story well.

Another advertisement that stuck out was the ad for Burger King. Although the sign was not shown for long, nor was the whole name in frame, Burger King hasImage such distinct colors that it really just popped out at the audience. The sign was basically the whole backdrop making it a big part of the scene and attracting the attention of the viewers.

The last one that I want to mention is Mountain Dew because it had a long product placement in the movie and it was very noticeable. During the shot of the vending machine that said “Mountain Dew” on it the frame went out of focus on the main character to focus Imageon the words written on the vending machine. The only question is, how much did Coke products pay for that?

Now, although there were many more products present in the movie, these are the four that stood out the most. This was my third time watching the movie and when you are looking for products they stand out but when you are enjoying the movie there are only a few that are memorable which is why these are the ones that I chose to discuss.

I challenge you to watch a movie and look for product placements, some of them can be very obnoxious and unnecessary but some blend with the story and add meaningful content.


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